Neville ORMEROD's Photo Album

These are some pictures from work, rest, and play.

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is officially documented in Burke's General Armory.

The original description of the arms (shield) is as follows:
"or, three bars and a lion pass, in chief gu."
When translated the blazon also describes the original colours of the ORMEROD ARMS as:
"gold; three red horizontal bars; a red lion walking in the top."


  Other 'members' of the family  

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Bessie, Sweet of William (BessieDog)

Born - Bacup, Lancashire on June 5th. 1998 The most beautiful dog in the world. Our Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is doggiebeautiful, doggielicious and above all very doggiespoilt.

Poor Bessie became the most beautiful dog in doggie heaven on June 6th. 2008 - with Sammy again after a short time apart. She will also be greatly missed.

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Born - Salford, Lancashire on January 30th. 2005. Sasha is our adopted King Charles Spaniel tricolour. She is unusually timid for a Cavalier but knows how to get her own way. She too is very doggiespoilt.

Poor Sashadog, she too succumbed to the dreaded Cavalier heart disease and joined Bessie & Samson in doggie heaven on the 8th. December 2014.  Will be greatly missed. 

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Roepark Celebration (Samson)

Born - Mow Cop, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire on September 24th. 1997. Sammy dog is our doggienaughtyboy. He is a Black & Tan (laughing) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is also doggiespoilt.

Poor Sammy went to doggie heaven to chase pussy cats in the sky on April 14th. 2008. His ticker finally ran out of ticks. He will be greatly missed.



Old Photographs  
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Ada Clegg (1874-1963)

My maternal grandmother at the age of 6. Photograph taken c. 1880.

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Sarah Clegg nee Hacking (1853-1926)

My maternal great grandmother at the age of 71. Photograph taken c. 1924.

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Sarah Evans nee Barber (1811-1881)

My maternal great great grandmother at the age of 58. Photograph taken c. 1869 by her eldest son, Joshua.


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