Jacob/James RUDD



  • Birth.
  • Baptism
  • Marriage 26 January 1715/6 in Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England.
  • Death April 1722 at Fieldhead, Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England.
  • Burial 13 April 1722 at St. Andrew's Parish Church, Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England.


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  • Birth c.1695 at Dalehead, Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England.
  • Baptism 8 August 1695 in St. Andrew's Parish Church, Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England.
  • Marriage 26 January 1715/6 in Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England.
  • Death Jannuary 1725/6 at Battrix Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England.
  • Burial 11 January 1725/6 in St. Andrew's Parish Church, Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England. (Recorded the Widow of Jacobi Rudd).

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Marriage/Children Information


Jacob/James Rudd, son of Thomas Rudd? and ??? married Jennet Sharples, daughter of Thomas Sharples and Mary Walmsley on January 26th. 1715/6 in St. Andrew's Parish Church, Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England. The witnesses were ??? and ???. ???, Vicar, conducted the ceremony.


Jacob/James and Jennet had at least 2 children:-

  • Thomas Rudd born c.1719. Baptised August 16th.1719. Died at Battrix, Slaidburn, Yorkshire May 1720. Buried at St. Andrew's Parish Church on May 16th. 1720.
  • Elizabeth Rudd born c.1720. Baptised July 17th.1720.

Jacob & Jennet's children were both born at Battrix, Slaidburn, Yorkshire and were baptised in St. Andrew's Parish Church, Slaidburn.


 Jacob/James also had an illegitimate son, John, with Margaret Wilkinson. John was baptised April 10th. 1720. Unfortunately, John  died in infancy and was buried at Slaidburn May 15th. 1720.




Jacob/James's Occupation(s)


Husbandman - Source
His Marriage Record (St. Andrew's Church, Slaidburn Parish Registers 1715)

Farmer - Sources
His children's Baptism Records (St. Andrew's Church, Slaidburn Parish Registers (1719/1720)



Jennet's Occupation(s)









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