• Birth 15 May 1861 at Bell Lane, Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Baptism 21 February 1878 in Holy Trinity Church, Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Marriage 28 October 1883 at Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Death 11 May 1918 in Union Institution Infirmary, Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Burial at Bury Cemetery, Bury, Lancashire, England, Plot CP5289, on 15 May 1918.


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  • Birth 06 December 1863 at 17 Flint Street, Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Baptism 17 February 1864 in St. John's Church, Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Marriage 28 October 1883 at Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Widowed 11 May 1918.
  • Marriage (2) Q2.1921 at Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Death 12 April 1948 at 380 Rochdale Old Road, Bury, Lancashire, England aged 84.
  • Burial at St. Paul's Church, Bury, Lancashire, England on 15 April 1948.

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Marriage/Children Information

James Ormerod, son of Thomas Ormerod and Sarah Saunders, married Mary Jane Ashworth, daughter of Elizabeth Ashworth, on October 28th. 1883 in St. Paul's Parish Church, Bury, Lancashire, England. The witnesses were Edmund Austin and Betsy Austin (James's elder sister?). The Reverend James Chell performed the ceremony.

James and Mary Jane had at least 7 children:-

  • Tom Ormerod born in Bury, Lancashire, England on January 12th, 1884. Died on February 7th, 1961 aged 77.
  • Harry Ormerod born in Bury, Lancashire, England in c.1889.
  • Emily Ormerod born c.1892. Died 1896.
  • Elizabeth Alice born c.1895. Died 1896.
  • Sarah Alice Ormerod born in Bury, Lancashire, England in c.1898.
  • Jack Ormerod born in Bury, Lancashire, England in c.1900. Died in August 1920 aged 20. Buried with his father in Bury Cemetery.
  • Annie Ormerod born c. 1903. Died 1904.

Mary Jane married Frederick Furlong at Bury, Lancashire, England Q2.1921.


James's Occupation(s)

Cotton Mule Piecer - Source
The 1871 Census - ref. no. RG10/3958/114/30

Tinplate Worker - Sources
His Marriage Certificate (1883)
His son's (Thomas) Birth Certificate (1884)
The 1891 Census - ref. no. RG12/3139/81/38
The 1911 Census - ref. no. RG13/23474/181

Sheet Metal Worker - Source
The 1901 Census - ref. no. RG13/3639/37/?
His Death Certificate (1918)

James was indentured, at the age of 12, to a tinsmith when his father, Thomas Ormerod, emigrated to Brazil to manage a cotton mill.

Mary Jane's Occupation(s)

Cotton Weaver - Source
The 1881 Census - ref. no. RG11/3863/47/44



James received the Honorary Testimonial of the Royal Humane Society awarded to him for having, on the 10th. June 1903, gone to the rescue of John Bland who was in imminent danger of drowning in a mill lodge at Ramsbottom, Lancashire, and whose life he gallantly saved.


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