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Rupert Ormerod (1909 - 1971)
  • Birth 01 August 1909 at 1 Mill Street, Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Baptism 01 September 1909 in St James Church, Woolfold, Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Marriage 26 March 1932 in Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Death 04 January 1971 in Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, Lancashire, England.
  • Cremation 12 January 1961 at Peel Green Crematorium, Eccles, Lancashire, England.


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Marriage/Children Information


Rupert Ormerod, son of Thomas Ormerod and Florence Smith, married Alice Irene Elliott, daughter of Hiram Elliott and Ada Clegg, on March 26th, 1932 in All Saints Church, Elton, Bury, Lancashire, England.


Rupert and Alice had 3 children:-

  • Beryl Phyllis Ormerod born in Bury, Lancashire, England on -----------, 1934
  • Neville Stuart Ormerod born in Bury, Lancashire, England on ----------, 1936
  • James Hiram Ormerod born in Bury, Lancashire, England on -----------, 1941





Rupert was a competent artist painting both in oil and water colour. But, having attended art school, he found he could not make a living painting. He turned to sign writing - occupation on his Marriage Certificate (1932). His occupation on his son's (Neville) Birth Certificate in 1936 was stated as a clicker (one who cuts out leather for a shoemaker). He later turned to his hobby of horology to make a living. Just after the second world war he set up as a watchmaker and jeweller. Working with illuminous paint, so that one could read the time in the dark, probably contributed to his early death.


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