• Birth 06 May 1776? in Bury, Lancashire, England.
  • Baptism 23 June 1776? in St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Bury, Lancashire.
  • Marriage 03 January 1803 in Bury, Lancashire.
  • Death 07 January 1843? at Pot Green Workhouse, Holcombe, Lancashire. (Recorded as aged 68 years.)
  • Burial 09 January 1843? at Emmanuel Church, Holcombe, Lancashire.


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  • Birth c.1775
  • Baptism 11 June 1775 in St. Mary Church, Tarleton, Lancashire, England.
  • Marriage 03 January 1803 in Bury, Lancashire.
  • Death 13 February 1844 at Redvales, Bury, Lancashire. (Recorded as aged 63 years).
  • Burial 18 February 1844 at St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Bury, Lancashire. (Recorded as aged 63 years, the relict of William Holden, Weaver).

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Marriage/Children Information

William Holding, son of John Holding and Ruth Kay? married Mary Wiggins, daughter of John Wiggans and Alice Croasdel on January 3rd. 1803 in St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Bury, Lancashire, England after Banns. The witnesses were Henry Whitehead and Thos. Crompton (both Church Officials) and the Minister, Henry Unsworth, officiated.

William and Mary had at least 9 children:

  • John Holding born November 27th. 1803. Baptised December 25th. 1803.
  • Sally Holding born August 18th. 1805. Baptised September 22nd. 1805.
  • Charles Holding born December 18th. 1807. Baptised February 7th. 1808.
  • Mary Holding born April 1st. 1810. Baptised June 10th.1810.
  • Peggy Holding born January 11th. 1813. Baptised February 28th. 1813.
  • Jenny Holden born March 30th. 1816. Baptised June 2nd. 1816.
  • Henry Holding born April 23rd. 1819. Baptised May 30th. 1819.
  • Alice Holding born November 28th. 1821. Baptised January 6th. 1822.
  • David Holding born January 30th. 1825. Baptised April 3rd. 1825.

The above children were all born in Bury, Lancashire, England and were baptised in St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Bury, Lancashire.


William's Occupation(s)

Weaver - Sources:
Parish Register of Marriages: St. Mary the Virgin, Bury, Lancashire - His marriage to Mary Wiggins (1803).
His daughter's (Jane) Marriage Certificate (1844).
His Wife's Death Certificate (1844).

Mary's Occupation(s)


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